February 20th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Lyn

Location: Boothtown, Halifax, W. Yorks, England.

Date: Local time was 9.54am, Sunday, 02/20/05

Approach Direction: South? From the direction of Halifax.

Departure Direction: North?

Witness Direction: East? Towards Ovenden.

Description: My partner was sat facing our front window when he shouted, look at that. By the time I had turned around the object was gone, so it was only visible for about 1 1/2 seconds. He said it was a strange greeny silver colour with a trail behind, as a plane would have, but it moved far too quickly. I have just timed a plane covering about the same distance it took 15 seconds. Does a fighter jet move 10 times faster than a plane? Where there any airforce planes flying at the time? My partner and I have seen a few strange objects over the last 10 years in Todmorden and Boothtown/Queensbury, so have now decided to report each sighting immediatly. Interested to see if anyone else in the area observed this.

Color/Shape: Too far away to observe shape. Colour was greeny silver.

Height & Speed: Extreemly fast. Sorry no good at estimating heights.


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