May 9th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Brian Manchester

Location: Hanover House (car park)
Toller lane
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Date: 05/09/05 2130hrs GMT + 1

Approach Direction: Static

Departure Direction: Static

Witness Direction: West

Description: I went out to secure my car at 9.30 pm last night and saw a strange and stationary 'object' in the sky above me...it made no noise...it looked to be very large and was lit brightly with lights all over the shape of it, which appeared to be like a 'double' cross - or # - if you understand me...there appeared to be red, green and white lights...

After watching for half an hour or so, another similar-looking 'object' glided quite fast but steadily across the sky beneath the first one, from my right to my left and disappeared from sight...the first one remained stationary...

It also seemed that there was at least one other of these 'things' parked quite a lot higher in the sky and also not moving...

No aircraft or any other noise was observed...I and a neighbour I had summoned both stand witness to these sightings and I checked regularly until I went to bed at around 0120 am today and the 'big one' was still sitting there...

Color/Shape: double cross shape, as detailed above...

TV/Radio/Press: Reported by telephone to Toller Lane Police - twice - and the female operator never even asked for my name - said they were 'busy'...


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