June 25th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Liverpool / Merseyside

Date: 25th June 2005

Approach Direction: West To East

Departure Direction: South West

Witness Direction: North East

Description: At Approx 3.00 pm 25th Jun 05 I was called out of the office by a colleague who told me she had seen something strange in the sky. I went outside and she pointed out 4 bright star like objects that seemed to be hovering over the Liver buildings and river Mersey. It did not take long to realise the objects were very slowly moving East across the sky in tight formation. We tracked the objects for approx 45 minutes and realised that two of the shapes had broken formation and were now heading in a south west direction but climbing higher in the sky. The other two shapes moved together until they touched almost and then returned to about an inch distance from were we stood. Whilst tracking the 4 shapes I noticed that there were indeed a further 6 -8 of these star objects heading in the same direction but these were very faint and could only just be made out. Again these were in a formation shape but vanished within about 2 mins of initial sight. There were many high & low altitude aircraft in the sky at the same time of this sighting and I gauge that some of these aircraft were travelling at over 25000 ft which was below the altitude of the objects we saw. At around 4.00 pm all 4 bodies vanished like a candle that is blown out.

I report this sighting because I have never experienced anything like this before - at first we assumed these were balloons of some nature but then after watching the very strange movements of the objects became convinced that this was something out of the ordinary.

Color/Shape: bright white / almost star like shape circular no sound or vapour trails

Very slow moving but clearly changing formation continuously.

Height & Speed: Well over 30000 ft speed approx 20 - 30mph departing speed n/a as objects simpy vanished

TV/Radio/Press: I have reported this sighting to bbc.co.uk liverpool

Follow-up information from Brian Vike:

Many thanks for getting in touch with me. I half expected that no one would be that interested in what was reported but am pleasntly suprised!

First of all I don't know if i mentioned in the report but I saw the whole sighting along with several other colleagues and I can confirm the followng further to your points.

1. The weather conditions on 27th June were very clear and hot & sunny with no cloud cover anywhere in the sky.

2. There was hardly a breeze that afternoon - I remember commenting on how warm it was and can confirm no ground wind.

3. During the 45 minute period many aircraft passed close to the objects as they traversed across their designated flight paths. I confirm that none of these made any changes to their direction of flight.

4. The last point you made is interesting in that from were we stood the luminesance of the objects never changed as they moved very slowly across the sky. I would like to say that the objects were not that obvious - meaning they did not sparkle, glint or shimmer in any way. They were almost self luminated. My best and most accurate description would be to imagine a distant group of stars but put them in a daylight background.

Hope these answers help! - I would truly love to hear anything else you may find out as I had never previously seen a UFO in my life and had been a little sceptical about such things but after seeing these objects I cannot put a logical answer to the phenomina and am very keen to find out more.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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