July 11th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: I was in South Wigston, Leicestershire, United Kingdom, but the object must have been over the North West of England or Wales.

Date: Monday 07/11/05 at between 21:00 and 21:30 hours GMT

Approach Direction: from outside Earth's atmosphere entering vertically.

Departure Direction: Horinzontally heading towards Ireland / US (westerly direction)

Witness Direction: West / North West

Description: While Walking the dog, my partner and I saw a bright light, similar in the sky to Mars on a clear night, which then dimmed and began entering the atmosphere in a vertical decent. I thought it was a large meteor/rock, then it slowed after a few minutes rapid descent and changed direction to a northerly diagonal descent. After total entry into the atmosphere, the object changed direction again to a South Westerly horizontal approach and trailed a long redish jet of, what looked like, hot gases/fire. Within minutes of the object entering the sky, a none-commercial jet flew overhead at supersonic speeds, at extreme altitude. It was obviously on an intercept course. After 20 or 30 minutes the jet was a descending spec on the horizon and the unidentifiable object looked like an orange scar on the sunset. I alos noticed that there was another identical "scar" 90 degrees to the left at a slightly lower point on the horizon.

Color/Shape: Hard to tell, because of the distance. Not ruling out that it was a man made object - missile or test vehicle.

Height & Speed: Upper Space approach, full descent and entry within 2 or 3 minutes, Supersonic speeds at least once in the atmosphere.

TV/Radio/Press: No reports as yet. I have checked the internet and news channels, but my knowledge of where to look is limited. I know I didn't imagine it, as my fiancee saw the whole thing with me.

Follow-up Information from Brian Vike:

Hi Brian,

I'll cast my mind back tonight with my partner and send you a detailed summary as soon as possible.

I'll use a basic draw package to illustrate the descent pattern.

I think that we are close to a non-commercial air-field, as I here jet engines/planes taxi-ing. I recognize the sound, as we lived close to Baggington airport until March this year, when we moved.

I get the impression though, that the "intercept" jet had already traveled some distance, owing to it's altitude.

The weather conditions were clear, with some thin cloud on the horizon. At some points the object was obscured by partial cloud, after it started it's horizontal, south-westerly journey, but we were able to keep track of it none-the-less. I lost sight of the craft I took to be on an intercept course, owing to the distance it traveled.

The distances must have been quite great, but the nature of the weather conditions allowed for a deceptively clear view. Interestingly, although I lost the jet against the grey of the cloud on the horizon, the unidentifiable object remained clearly visible, eventually as an orange scar against the cloud and sunset.

As think I wrote previously, by the time we had reached our house, there seemed to be 2 identical "scars", but the other was traveling from the "south" towards the direction of the observed object and at lower a trajectory.

Like I say, I'll try to recall as many details as possible and I'll get my partner to do the same, although her memory might not be as keen as mine, plus she wears glasses with a strong prescription. I have close to 20 x 20 vision.

Thanks for your interest. It would be interesting to see if you can shed any light on this.


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