July 13th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: London, Hammersmith borough

Date: 4.40 pm in the after noon

Approach Direction: Looking out of bedroom window

Departure Direction: disappeared in the clouds

Witness Direction: Looking upwards

Description: On a hot sunny day, with a few grey clouds scattered around. I was looking out of the window in amazement and spotted one shinny object in the sky. I observed it very carefully, after a few seconds it flew in a different direction. It couldnt of been an aroplane. As it flew to the left a nother flying object appeared and then a few more flying around each other. Around ten flying objects were grouped together in the distanced. 13TH JULY 05

Color/Shape: Silvery in colour. Small in shape, Hard to tell the shape as they were flying far away

Height & Speed: same level as the flight of air craft. Slow at first untill grouped together then movement was fairly fast.


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