July 16th 2005

UFOINFO E-mail Report

It was a summers day this year and I can find the date later, but my wife and boys were all at a friends birthday party.

It was warm and sunny with occasional cloud.

I was busy in the garden and happened to look up to the sky and to my amazement saw and watched a silver coloured reflective globe pass in a perfectly straight line at constant speed from north to south. It passed through the partial cloud cover. There was no particular shape, other than appearing to be globe like. I live about 20 mins drive from Gatwick airport so regularly see aircraft&there were indeed several passenger planes in the sky at the time but their height was considerably higher and their shape was clear to observe. It was difficult to estimate the speed or size of the objective, but I was unable to run to the house and get my camcorder in time. I simply stood and watched in amazement.

From now on I shall always have my camcorder handy.

Follow-up information from Brian Vike:

Q. Also you mentioned you reside 20 minutes away from the Gatwick airport, just so I am correct, can you tell me the town you reside in, please ?

A. Betchworth/Brockham, on the A25

Q. On that day, was it windy that you can remember, or a breeze blowing? If so, would the object you witness be flying with or against the wind ? At least at ground level.

A. No wind, calm, very hot day with intermittant cloud.

Q. Can you remember roughly how long you were able to observe the object for, until you lost sight of it ?

A. 1- 2minutes; at the time it seemed not long enough to run and grab the camcorder from in house. It moved fairly quickly across the sky, but not to fast like a shooting star appears to be.

Q. As the object traveled along on a straight flight path, were you able to observe the object turning, or making any moments ?

A. No it moved in a straight line, but it sort of shimmered, I couldnt tell if there were colours or whether it reflected the sun. Almost in a similar way those fair ground silvery balloons, they sort of have a coloured sheen.

Q. Were you able to see the reflection of light off it, such as from the sun ?

A. As above

Q. Actually were there any lights on it at all that you noticed ?

A. No

Q. Were there anymore eyewitnesses to the sighting other than yourself ?

A. no

Q. Was there any sound coming from it at all that you noticed ? It may have been to high, but I thought I had better ask just in case.

A. No noise, and it wasnt that high.

Q. You also mentioned there were some aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting, although the aircraft were higher, did you see any of the planes make a unusual maneuver so as not to be in the same airspace as the object ? In others words, I wonder if a pilot might have seen the same and moved the aircraft from the area.

A. No, we are far enough from Gatwick that aircraft is very high in the sky. This was much lower in the cloud cover and the other aircraft were much further away.

Q. If there is any other detail you can think of Simon, please jot it down.

A. Well on Sunday last, at Bocketts farm near Leatherhead, I saw another one, but it seemed either smaller or further away, this time I thought it was a balloon again initially, due to its apparent size but as I watched it move across the sky in a similar stright line, it almost took forever to go out of sight and I tracked it across the sky towards Gatwick once again. A small balloon would surely move out of sight quite quickly but I dont know. It was quite a breezy day, and could have been a balloon I suppose, but it moved in a straight line across the sky. Funnily enough I was just lying on the grass whilst the kids were playing and thought "oh no not again, no camcorder....but because it seemed smaller and more balloon like, I didnt bother to grab the attention of others.

Maybe this was just a balloon, but the first sighting I am sure was not.

I would be pleased to hear of other similar experiences.

PS When I told a friend he said that he had always been sceptical, but two good friends of his (who he believes and trusts) saw two diamond shaped objects darting around the sky in a random fashion, but VERY fast....they were astounded but I dont know when or where this was.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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