August 8th 2005

Eastern Shire of Berwickshire An Intense Bright UFO Directly Above A Electricity Pylon

Date: August 8, 2005
Time: 11.00-11.30 p.m.

We live in the Scottish Borders in the Eastern Shire of Berwickshire. Berwickshire is located on the east coast -To the North is the Lammermuir Hills and to the South is the Cheviot Hills. The night of our experience was the 7/08/05 as we were driving at the edge of the Lammermuirs, heading in the general direction of North, on the A6112 towards the small village of Preston, which lies 3-4 miles of the county town Duns. The time was around 11.00-11.30pm when a strong light was seen through the trees, flickering at first, then a constant illumination, so intense that I immediately squinted my eyes. We turned the next corner and the light was not as intense and we could both see clearly a UFO sitting directly above what looked like an electricity pylon.

We stopped the car to observe this object, and just as we sighted the craft, it moved off, towards us. Fumbling with the camera to get a picture as best I could, my husband took time to observe the UFO. The first impression was how well sculpted it was, but while it came closer we listened for any noise, there was none but a 'Dull drone' as it flew overhead. It reared off to the left and kept a steady pace, but it was moving real slow. (I don't know how it stayed in the sky) Just then a motor vehicle appeared behind us and we moved off ,pulling in seconds later. We got out the car just to see the UFO disappearing over the tree-line, in a Southerly direction.

The driver of the other vehicle did not stop, I think he was in shock! Anyway after that we decided to head off back the way we had come, to the highest point, The Hardens Hills, 345 metres above sea level. After a few moments an object showing several lights (low on the horizon, sitting above tree height, travelling 180 degrees slipped over the tree-line) Before it disappeared we had observed the UFO with 30x50 zoom binoculars, the sky was twilight, slightly darker from the previous encounter. The only thing we observed this time was 3 white lights.

After several minutes of the craft disappearing , we headed back to the first location, observing the UFO route, but when we got back again (in no time at all) the same 3 light object appeared skulking along the tree-line disappearing behind the strange cloud formation (the sky was almost clear) only to see it slipping over the tree-line. We kept looking up noticing lights, which stood out from the stars, being brighter than the rest. They appeared to be moving in short, sharp movements. We observed them through the binoculars. Just then what looked like a huge bolt of 'lightening hit the ground from the sky, a lot thicker than normal lightening. With that, we drove home, with stiff necks! (we live about 10-15 miles away) The days that followed we suffered from eye trauma, tiredness and generally felt unwell .

I have enclosed the photo which we took. We have highlighted it, and in the color picture we can definitely see that there is a craft there..

Please feel free to contact me, if there is anything else we can help you with, I would be extremely grateful if you could reply. Thank you.

Thank you to the witness for the report and photos. (HBCC UFO is waiting on trying to receive the original photo, not blown up, etc)

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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