August 12th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: westwood, nottinghamshire

Date: 08/12/05 roughly 12:20am gmt time

Approach Direction: south west direction

Departure Direction: south east direction

Witness Direction: south

Description: i was siting in the living room and i heard a humming noise so i looked out of the window to see what it was and all i saw was a triangle shaped object with 3 white lights at each point and one red light in the middle flying slowly over the house so i rushed outside to watch it and it must of took at least5 mins to go completely out of sight. it could of been an plane but i hadnt seen one like this or go so slow before

Color/Shape: triangle 3 white lights on each point and 1 red one in the middle

Height & Speed: unsure


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