August 13th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Smithaleigh nr Plympton, Devon UK

Date: Saturday 13th August 2005, 10:30pm approx

Approach Direction: West

Departure Direction: East

Witness Direction: West

Description: Hi,

Yesterday evening Saturday 13th August 2005 at approximately 10:30pm there were a series of bright orange moving lights in the sky, witnessed from Smithaleigh nr Plympton in Devon UK. Initially we saw possibly 6 lights flying together in some kind of formation. Initially it looked like a star constellation until we spotted that the lights were moving towards us, and were too orange in colour and too bright to be stars.

As the lights got overhead their formation changed with one of the lights speeding up a bit faster than the others. No noise could be heard from the objects, although there was road noise from the nearby A38 which could have drowned out feint sounds.

After this one formation had gone there were several more objects over the next 10 mins, I think two occurrences of 2 lights together, then 2 single lights after, all following the same path, approximately from West to East. The last object that flew over seemed to be lower than the others. As it got overhead it seemed like you could make out a kind of rectangle shape which appeared almost fluid, my friend (there were 3 of us) said it looked like a jellyfish, I think because the shape seemed to be changing. All of the objects seemed to have a bright orange light at the front and back, or maybe on top, as you could see the light when they were coming towards us and going away, but the light was not visible when the objects were overhead.

They were moving at the same kind of speed as you may expect a plane flying high overhead, maybe taking 3 mins from the time they appeared over one horizon until they had flown over and vanished over the horizon behind.

This would have been put down to aircraft, if it wasn t for the unusual bright colour of the light, the same colour of a street lamp, and the fact that there was no discernable noise from the objects.

Also our friends were travelling back from a party later that night and their taxi driver had also mentioned that they had seen these same lights in the sky that night.

Have you had any other reports from this evening?



Color/Shape: Bright orange lights in sky, a bit brighter and bigger than stars.

Height & Speed: Not Known

TV/Radio/Press: No reports known


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