JUNCTION 27 - 28

August 28th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: From M25 motorway Jn 27 - 28,
Stapleford Abbots area,
Essex, United Kingdom

Date: Sunday 08/28/05 21:15

Approach Direction: South Westerly

Departure Direction: North Easterly

Witness Direction: Driving South Easterly (Clockwise)

Description: I was being driven around the M25 by a friend when we spotted a group of 5 - 6 bright orange spheres to our right (approx South West). They appeared to move silently in loose, slow formation. I am a pilot and feel able to say with some certainty that they were not aircraft (not the right colour for night navigation lights) nor ground based (as they were moving) nor flares or balloons (as they were not drifting in a constant direction).

As we continued driving, I opened the car's sun roof and continued to observe the objects track approximately North Easterly, changing their relative positions but remaining in a tight group. I then spotted a further two spheres to the East of the 5 - 6 first sighted. We lost sight of the objects as we took out exit from the motorway.

Color/Shape: Deep orange colour. Appearence of a large star. Constant (not flashing) light. See also a report from 27-Aug-05 from Hobart, Tasmania which, I note, sounds extremely similar.

Height & Speed: Low level (under 5000 feet). Slow moving - appeared stationary at times (but difficult to judge whilst moving in a car).

TV/Radio/Press: I understand from my mother that a call was made to the UK's "Talk Radio" by another observer of this phenomenon.


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