September 9th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: romford/essex

Date: 09/09/05 at 9pm bst

Approach Direction: south east

Departure Direction: north west

Witness Direction: east

Description: Bright glowing orange ball came up over the tree line in the park next to Romford YMCA. It looked as if it was climbing straight up in the sky. Then it was moving over head and I saw like a triangular outline as it passed. After it passed my house it went over the new Old church hospital and I lost sight of it as it sped off at the speed of light.

Color/Shape: Bright glowing orange ball at first sight triangular outline as it got closer

Height & Speed: slow at first (same speed as a low fling plane) then sped off at the speed of light. few thousand feet and kept climbing.

TV/Radio/Press: heard it on the radio the next day.


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