September 10th 2005

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Re: Your web article (UFOINFO Note: This is the Loughton, Essex sighting for September 10th 2005)

We were at a function @ the Woolston manor Golf club… Lot’s of people there that saw the display of lights.

No one there could account for the vision, even the really sceptical ones! Although we did get some intresting ideas etc...lol.

They appeared about 5 to 10,00 feet. No noise.. NO WIRES!

I have been told that there have been sightings before near Loughton, Essex.

Very interesting & spectacular in a suppressed way. There was a several stages, movement, but this might not have been apparent from one angle. We traveled below them and then looked across from a different direction. Only the middle light moved.

We will keep on looking. My theory is they can see the oil prices & are interested to take over the world during our lowest time of recession.

Follow-up information from Brian Vike:

Hi Brian,

Firstly, There was charity night on at the Golf Club*, I am not a member & knew few people there. My suggestion therefore is to write to the club.

I picked up my friend Tim from his house in Buckhurst Hill Essex. We drove north along Oak Wood Hill, towards Debden, Essex. The lights were infront of us to our right. We stopped the car in Lower Alderton Hall Rd, They were slightly to the rear of us by then, There was no noise. By the time we got to the Golf Club, Other people had noticed them & were standing on the balcony viewing them to the south. as before, the lights were over the same place, it was easy to tell this as we now had unrestricted views. A contact @ the club would be Mr [Deleted].

They did not change appearance & they were, possibly slightly oval/egg shape, glowing, maybe because of the light cloud/humidity, but they were orange. There is a great deal of open land near the spot I believe they were at. There is also a Police motorway camera centre very close, a few pylons & Mobile phone masts.. But after driving down the M11 today(North bound looking to my left), there is nothing any where near that height. I did think it was possible that they may have been suspended by some sort of balloon. Only the height gives me doubt.

The sky was clear enough to see many aircraft**, making the assumption that the high flyers are at 30.000 feet I would estimate that the orange lights were at approx 5 to 7,000 feet. Again dependant on the estimated size looking from the ground, etc.

It was a very strange night in general, I can't explain it but it was to me!

I hope this is of help, all the best & take care

* Woolston Hall Golf Club, formerly Epping Forest Golf Club.

**Stanstead Airport approx 15-18 miles further north.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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