September 10th 2005

More Witnesses To The Loughton Essex, UK UFO Sighting

HBCC UFO Research Note: Mr. John Hayes and HBCC UFO Research are starting to receive a number of reports from area residents who witnessed the unusual event that unfolded over Loughton Essex, UK on September 10, 2005. Also other reports are coming in for more sighting which took place starting at the beginning of September right through until September 10, 2005. I would like to request once again, anyone who has witnessed any sighting from the beginning of September up until September 10, 2005 would you please contact myself or UFOINFO.

Date: September 10, 2005
Time: 8:50 p.m.

Message: Hi, the UFO sighting at Loughton on Saturday night was directly above my house. I have a slightly different story so thought you might like me to share it. I have been checking the internet since Saturday evening hoping to find others that saw it but with little joy. Firstly it was 8.50pm exactly. I would describe the UFO's as actually flying craft more than just lights in the sky they where definitely being maneuvered. I am a keen skydiver and would say I have a good eye for the height of aircraft due to this and I would place the craft a lot higher than the other witness. 30,000ft minimum. As I watched the 3 craft come across from the left they where in a large triangle formation. They slowed as they come over the nature reserve at the back of my house which is a massive expanse of land just 5 miles or so from Canery Whalf, London. The front one of the 3 stopped and the other two come very close to it. Creating a very tight triangle formation where they stayed for about one minute still at the same altitude until they broke off in different directions at which point cloud come over and I could no longer see them. It was a humbling and exciting experience. If I can add any more for you please let me know.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, Very difficult for me to email you a diagram but here are my answers to your questions. As I mentioned I live very close to London and there is a lot of air traffic, which I have an interest in and often watch the planes at night. There are planes from London Luton and London Stansted flying over Loughton. There is no military or research bases near us. As I was walking home I saw the objects bright orange in colour coming from the north east. Their colour was constant. At first glance I thought they where aircraft, I thought to myself how strange to see 3 planes so close together and so high. I stopped and watched and came quickly to the conclusion that they where defiantly not planes.

Moments later 3 police cars went speeding passed sirens blazing in the direction of the UFO's. I found out in Monday's National Press that these police where called out because they had been inundated with calls of UFO sightings. I thought nothing of it at the time. As I watched the 3 bright orange things come across the sky I thought maybe it was 3 hot air balloons that I could only see the gas flames from because of the darkness but the light was constant and the movement was not as that of an air balloon. At this point the UFO's where coming overhead and I was getting close to my house so I ran in and called my fiancée out to see. Together we watched the last of this stage of there flight. Up until now they had been moving in a triangular formation, 1 at the front, 2 behind. Like I say in my opinion they where very high up so this would make me assume there speed to be very high. At this time the one in the front stopped and the 2 behind come close to make a very tight triangle formation so you could only just make out they where not touching and it was a perfect triangle.

I was now certain this was no type of aircraft I had ever seen and was a UFO. They where just about directly overhead I was looking very steeply into the sky south east. There was no noise at all coming from the craft. They stayed together for at least a minute in that position. Laine ran indoors to get her digital camera and I tried to film it on my mobile phone. but just a black screen was coming out. After this at this point they flew off at high speed in three different directions but none in the direction of which they came. Clouds come over at this point and I lost sight of them. The only way I could describe the way the flew was very smooth and very controlled. When they where directly above us they where holding a perfect triangle formation without any sign of the slightest movement. From the first time I noticed them flying over towards Loughton to the moment they flew of and clouds come over was about 10-12 minutes. Completely unlike anything I have ever seen in the sky before. Hope this helps a little.

Thank you to the eyewitness for the excellent report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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