September 10th 2005

Loughton, United Kingdom Family Captures UFO On Video

Date: September 10, 2005
Time: Approx: 8.35 p.m.

Hi, Myself an my family saw the UFO sighting on 10/9/05 it was 8.35pm (approx) I was in my garden and for some reason I looked up and to my amazement saw three orange glowing balls of light. I knew straight away that these were not aircraft of any kind. Loughton is close to Stanstead Airport so aircraft are a common sight in the sky over Loughton, but these objects had no sound and the way they moved was unlike any thing I have ever seen in the sky.

I ran inside to grab my camcorder and stills camera. I managed to get some footage of the UFO's and some still shots.

I have seen other reports posted on the site and from what I have read people are describing just one sighting, in fact there were three different times the objects passed by. The first one being at 8.35pm and then another at 8.45pm and a further one at 8.55pm.

Each time they passed they moved at the same sort of speed and in the same way, a lead craft and two behind, sometimes in a line of three and then moving to form a triangle shape. In all cases they moved from East to west in direction.

The really strange thing is that they all went to the same area of sky stayed motionless as a triangle for 30 seconds (approx) and then got smaller and smaller, as if they were moving away from the Earths surface.

After the sightings I called the news agencies to see if they could confirm any other people ringing in with similar experiences, but being a Saturday night they were not that interested.

The next day I called ITV News and they sent a reporter round to view the footage and to interview me. The footage they showed on the news program was not really the best part of the tape.

In some the stills shots the objects are in a glowing s shape and one is a zig zag shape, I do not now if this is the actual shape of the object or just camera movement.

I have attached the Quicktime Movie and some of the stills for you and others to look at. I would be very interested on your views.

Still image from video
Still image from video
Still image from video
Still image from video


Thank you to the family for reporting what they witnessed, and for sending the footage and photos along.

The footage and photos are all © D. Davis UK 2005.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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