September 10th 2005

UFOINFO E-mail Report

My events of Saturday 10th September 2005

Loughton Essex

On Saturday night I had my niece to stay and V*****, S***** and I were playing football in the garden, as vinnie and myself spend loads of time outdoors even at night.

It was about 8.15 pm – 8.30 pm I looked into the sky and saw three balls of fire coming from my left they were moving one at the front and two to the back in the shape of a triangle I screamed at p*** to come and have a look we watched them cross the sky then a fourth one shot across to meet up with the other three, they then moved higher until they went above the clouds and disappeared. Just as they were going out of sight another three came across in the same sequence we raced for a camera took some photos but to far away should have filmed them don’t know why we did not in a state of shock. The kids at this point were getting scared and v***** wanted to go inside as p*** kept saying we were going to be taken away by aliens. Once they all disappeared we went indoors chatting a laughing about these strange objects – p*** then turned the power off in the house and s***** started to cry he did not realise the kids were that scared. We were so excited S***** v***** and myself wrote a story about our strange evening that night. I had to sleep in their room as they were a little afraid.

We then told everyone we saw about these goings on and went to the library to get books about space about 10 of them we took out. To my surprise it was on the news that night although the people that filmed it had only seen the last three. I am about to email the news to see if they have anymore information on what this was as they had an expert on and he said they may have been meteorites – no way they were definite flying objects. P*** thinks it may have been some kind of hoax don’t know how you would hoax that sort of thing – let you know if I find anymore out.


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