September 15th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: fife, united kingdom

Date: 15/09/05 gmt

Approach Direction: random

Departure Direction: random

Witness Direction: everywhere

Description: 4 to 5 white glows exactly the same as a reflected spotlight in the coluds rotating in a wide cirular formation stopping before one full turn then reversing reflection was angled as from above whith no aircaft noise and no beam evidence from the ground. lights traveled over a distance of 12 miles over countryside and towns at a good speed, apearing and dissapearing pereodicaly anywhere within a 15 mile radius. a radio anouncment was also made means 1000s of people seen the reflected light.

Color/Shape: white whith a slight angle replecting from a central point above clouds

Height & Speed: low cloud reflection

TV/Radio/Press: yes local radio not sure which one radio forth or kingdom fm


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