September 17th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Hainault, Essex, UK

Date: saturday 17/09/05 approx 9.30pm local time

Approach Direction: North west west

Departure Direction: South east east

Witness Direction: East

Description: We, my partner and i, had just left my parents house, roundabaout 9.30pm, just sayn our goodbyes. My Dad helped us carry a box of paper to the car. We walked out of the front gate when something caught my eye above the house. It was two orange lights in the sky slowly moving in the direction of the moon NWW. Then they started to close in towards each other. They then stopped, my dad was there with me watching at the time. My dad then said "hang on" and ran back in the house and called for my mum to come outside.

I was standing, frozen watching the two orange lights, feeling nervous. As my mum came through the front gate, she looked up, and after about one minute she said "look". She pointed towards three orange bright lights travelling at the same speed as the previous two, in a triangular formation. They were flying towards the original two lights, staying in a triangular shape, then slowly changing formation. The three lights then separated, the top light and bottom lights drifted apart, and continued to travel. Then my brother, who had been fetched whilst the second set of lights were travelling, ran back into the house to grab the digital camera. He gave it to me and i began to take pictures. The first two lights then disappeared behind the clouds. I managed to take one picture of the first two before they disappeared completely.

Then a neighbour walked up the street, and spoke to my dad, he said that he had seen the first two from his window, and so came outside to get a better look. The three lights then stopped dead and we all just watched. The top and bottom lights (in the triangular formation) went out of vision as the clouds moved over them. We could still see the middle orange light, for approx. three minutes. Then my brother and myself saw it shoot off at amazing speed.

We arrove back home in shock, and immediately checked the computer to see the pictures we had taken. They were amazing. When we saw them (with our eyes) they were just orange balls of light. On the pictures however, there is a more defined shape to them. We then decided to make a record of our sighting.

Color/Shape: Orange, round, glowing bright orb-like structures.

Height & Speed: Difficult to say the height. The speed appeared to be of a floating balloon, but then it shot off at the speed of a jet... was incredibly fast.

TV/Radio/Press: Not as far as i know.


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