Oxted - Godstone

October 9th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Godstone in Surrey, England

Date: 9th October 2005 it was 5.45am UK time

Approach Direction: along A25 from Oxted to Godstone

Departure Direction: not sure

Witness Direction: Driving towards

Description: I was travelling and driving my car from Oxted in Surrey towards Godstone as I wanted to pick up the M25 at junction 6. It was 5.45am and the sky was very clear but the there was in patches a slight ground mist. As I approached a small roundabout on the A25 near Barrow Green lane or road, I noticed up in the sky to my left in front some very bright lights. The only way I can describe them as three long straight lines of shining lights like sparkling diamonds tileted downwards but all symetrical in a triangular pattern. In front of the three lines of lights was a large round light which had 2 yellow lights flashing underneath and a further smaller light above them but not flashing. I slowed down to 10mph so I could see them in more detail, the diamond like lights were twinkling very brightly. As I approached the roundabout for the M25 the lights were hidden by some trees. I saw another car parked up with his hazzards on and he seemed to be looking in the same direction. I drove up to the M25 junction and joined the motorway as I was heading in the direction of clacketts Lane. I kept looking now to my right to see if I could see the lights but I could not. However there seemed to be a lot of air traffic in that direction and I am sure helicopters were up in the air flying and circling. I got the impression that they were sent up to see what was going on, but I am only guessing. I travelled along the M25 and picked up the M26 and still saw plenty of aircraft lights in that general direction. I believe the aircraft not to be normal passenger planes as they were far too close together. I felt that they were chcking the skies and possibly looking at what I saw along the A25.

Color/Shape: white diamonds sparkling in colour, I would say that each row of straight lights consisted of 8-10 lights. The rows of lights all tiled gradually downwards in line and evenly spaced out but in a sort of triangular pattern. The other lights of which one was in front was quite large and globe in shape it was a very bright white light with 2 yellow flashing lights at the base of the globe, another light of smaller size was above the three lines of lights.

Height & Speed: I would say that the lights were very low but could not estmate any heights as from where I was looking from the front of my windscreen they were to the left of where I was looking.

TV/Radio/Press: I have not heard of any news in the press or local radio or spoken to anyone else of has seen what I witnessed.


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