Ilford, Essex, England

October 17th 2005

Ilford, U.K. Hovering Glowing Green Orb Disrupts Phone Call

Date: October 17, 2005
Time: 12.05 a.m.

My friends and I were going out on Monday night (17th Oct 2005), it was about 12.05 am, me and my friend were waiting in his Nans house, I got a phone call 5 minutes before we were leaving. So I took the phone outside as everyone in the house was asleep. I was pacing up and down outside, and while talking on the phone my reception started to deteriorate. It got so bad that I couldn't make out what my friend was saying on the other end. I looked left, and right, looking for my other friend in his car. Then for some reason I decided to look up into the sky. When I looked up I saw a glowing green orb probably hovering about 50-100 feet about above the houses. I was in shock when I saw it. It must have noticed that I saw it because it flew east over and above Essex, then up into a cloud and disappeared within the space of merely 2 seconds.

Nothing to knowledge man made can move that quick or in that kind of motion. As it disappeared into the night sky, suddenly I could hear my friend on the phone again, then our ride drove round the corner. I tried to explain to everyone what happened but they all think I'm crazy! Whatever it was, it didn't make a sound as it flew off, but I know what I saw! I was on Kingston Rd off Sunnyside Rd. I'm not sure if you know where that is, but it is near green lane. I'd much like to hear your reply. I've never really believed or been interested in aliens or UFOs. But I'm doing all I can to find out about them online. I don't know what to do or who to tell. I found your experience by typing on google "UFO's Ilford" Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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