A5 Cannock Road to Telford, Shropshire, England

October 22nd 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: On the A5 cannock road to Telford shropshire England.

Date: 10/22/2005 20.15 local time.

Approach Direction: it appeared in front of us which was west facing.

Departure Direction: lights was still swirling and stopped to our north which was on our left.

Witness Direction: We were facing telford that was the way we were heading.

Description: ok we were on the M6 to Birmingham, we turned off on the A5 cannock road to Telford, there was low cloud and it was dark there was a couple of cars behind us but by the time of the sighting there was only one car a few yards behind us. There was a few cars travelling in the opposite direction.

Before we saw anything the car lights were playing up (dimming) Alison was finding it hard to see she kept switching the lights on and off and changing the beam, then Alison said "look at them lights!" I saw about 13 or more lights beaming through the clouds yellow, blue and purple colours (lilac) it was if it was circling some type of object, which we also saw a shimmer of round light that was just shining through the cloud it was roundish 100 to 150 ft across, the object itself was ahead of us but travelling with us for some time swaying left and right. The car behind us must have gone from 40 to 120mph past us they must have seen it, maybe thats why they sped off, maybe it scared them.

Then we started to leave the lights to our left, I looked up and saw them, they came to a halt.

It was dark at times on that road with the odd car light, there was events at that time and it was just dark fields and trees.

Color/Shape: The beams of light were swirling and twirling around like disco lights lilac and yellow sometimes the lights would be sucked into one beam, then slit into different coloured beams. There was also a ball of light in the cloud. (it was flat cloud)

Height & Speed: about 3 to 4 hundred foot high. We saw the light instantly

TV/Radio/Press: at the time of writing I'm also sending an email to my local paper/the Shropshire Star, I am also going to phone my local air field at Cosford to see if any one had picked anything on radar.


E-mail received January 27th 2006

RE: UFO sighting on the A5 Cannock Road to Telford, Shropshire, England, October 22nd 2005.

As being local to this area for a lot of years, the above lights have been a constant reminder of the annoying lazer show that regularly advertises Telford Ice Rink special occassions. When they were first used there were cars pulling off the road in the most hazardous places and telephone exchanges were red hot for hours. Sorry to put a damper on things guys,

[My thanks to 'PM' for the information.]


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