Brimsdown, Enfield, Enfield

November 4th 2005

Brimsdown Enfield, U.K. A Very Large Diamond Shaped Object

Date: November 04, 2005
Time: Approx: 2.30 p.m.

HBCC UFO Research Note: This report below was sent to me by the eyewitnesses Father.

I saw the most amazing thing today. We where up on the scaffold and could see something really weird in the sky. It was diamond shaped and very very large, it looked as if it was being towed by another small plane but it seems unbelievable that something as big as that could be towed by a light aircraft. I mean this thing looked the size of a small building and the plane was just like a pin head. Surely the slightest bit of wind would of caused the plane to be dragged all over the place.

I just wish you could have been there to see it, because you know how skeptical I am and I could not think of a single rational thing that this could have been other than some kind of UFO.

Additional Information Below:

Hi Brian, thank you for your reply, below I have pasted my sons emails with all the details of his sighting, I spoke with him last night and he is still very skeptical regarding what he and about ten other people saw, what stuck him as strange was the offhand blasé way the others dismissed what they were seeing when all he was feeling awe and strangeness, he also mentioned ( and this is not in the email) that apart from the aircraft in front, which he describes as looking like a pinhead and he thought was a Cessna or something similar, there were other "aircraft" flying around the object as well! I also attach his email address should you wish to contact him direct.

I did try to take a photo, but I only had the camera on my phone, so unfortunately it did not come out. The weather was fine, blue sky’s with a bit of cloud, there was also quite a strong gusty wind. The wind one of the reasons that I had trouble thinking it was an aero plane towing something, the other main reason was the sheer size of it. I called several people to come and have a look and everybody saw the same thing and nobody could think of what it was. This was not one of those “ I saw a light bouncing up and down then it shot off “ sightings, it moved very slowly across the sky ( about the same speed as a small airplane in the distance )

It was about 2.30 pm and I was in Brimsdown Enfield. I’ll try and draw it for you later.

Thank you to the person for sending in this report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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