Bedford, Bedfordshire, England

November 8th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: bedford united kingdom

Date: 8 11 05 time 9-25 pm gmt

Approach Direction: coming from left of house

Departure Direction: over houses

Witness Direction: head on

Description: standing in garden looked up saw object about 10ft above trees came over my head curved flew over houses to my right. very low metallic sligthly flourescent no lights no noise looked like three in perfect unison i saw two black lines going through it. maybe it was one object. it took 6 seconds in all.

Color/Shape: silvery metallic slightly luminous looked like three joined a bit like boomerang no noise solid i only had six seconds to take it in. a clear night

Height & Speed: about ten ft above trees at a guess slow i looked up and saw this massive thing coming over trees next to me over houses then it was gone.

TV/Radio/Press: no i did not want to report it.


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