M6, Haydock near Wigan, Lancashire, England

November 11th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: M6, Haydock near Wigan

Date: Friday 11th November 2005 at 18:20pm apx.

Approach Direction: From South of the M6

Departure Direction: North by Northwest

Witness Direction: Below and to the left of the object, travelling in the same direction.

Description: I saw a large comet-like object appear to my right of my windsreen about 1.5 miles above the M6 in Haydock near Wigan. This could of been a comet or possibly a metorite but the object's speed seemed to be to consistent for it the be either to me. I only caught a glimpse of the object before it disappared into a cloud as it was travelling so fast. I know there were other witnesses as this was reported on Radio 1 by listeners to Judge-Jules. Apparently they were inundated with calls from wintesses in the Northwest and Midlands but I have neither seen nor heard anything in the media since.

Color/Shape: Bright white.

Height & Speed: 1.5 miles travelling at least 600 miles per hour.

TV/Radio/Press: About 2 minutes after the sighting I heard a report on Judge Jules/Radio 1 that they had been indated with calls.


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