Near Holywell, North Wales

November 18th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Nr Holywell North Wales

Date: 18th Nov 2005

Approach Direction: north west

Departure Direction: east

Witness Direction: north west then turned to track north east

Description: Ive seen objects unknown before, but this time, my wife who is skeptical noticed a very bright light above a coppice behind our house. It is known as an enclosure.

The object hovered about a half mile from us for at least 8 mins, we went upstairs and opend a blind, thats when the light faded. like as if it became aware of us and whilst still hovering, Port and starboard wing lights were noticed. This is strange, its not a helicopter as it has wings and both lights were flashing. There were smaller lights on the underside of the craft. The object, about the size of a Chinnook helicopter pased from our left to right at the speed of a small plane.

Its estimated height off ground was about 500 ft. There was no sound, as we got ourselves outside we could just see its flashing lights but could only hear the traffic on the a55 about 3 miles away.

This event didnt make me believe it was alien. It seemed to resemble a police helicopter and the way they fly about spying, but when its main light went out, I had no doubt it had wings. The only thing I know with wings that hovers is a harrier jump jet. I think we wouldve heard that.

The acid test for us, was on the day after when we watched a helicopter in the same direction, but twice the distance, we could make out its engine and blade noise with ease. Same wind direction.

It annoys me so much when we have to put up with the rhetoric of oil that we have on this planet, and our governments have this type of technology.

Color/Shape: moonlit night, possibly black in colour, shape similar to a square cone on its side. Port and starboard wing lights, other smaller white lights underneath.

Height & Speed: 500 ft, moved at roughly the same speed as a police helicopter. We get lots of air traffic, police, military and civilian.

TV/Radio/Press: no


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