M5 Motorway, Glastonbury - Bristol, England

November 19th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Travelling North on the m5 between glastonbury and bristol

Date: Saturday 19th November 7pm approx

Approach Direction: North east

Departure Direction: Behind hill

Witness Direction: North m5

Description: I was travelling north when myself and the passenger saw a huge bright white flash that covered the sky. WE laughed about it and said it was probably lightning, but then the journey became rather surreal, a fog had dropped and covered the road, when it cleared we saw an empty police car, strange we thought then we looked to the left and saw a bright white/yellowish light it seemed to pulse to a bigger sphere then shrink, it hovered for about 2 secs then a light emitted like a fine torch for a split second, we were dumbfounded wtf? it slowly sank behind the horizon ahead of us, i slowed down to confirm with the passenger that he saw that to, we agreed, that it was strange, real strange, we sat in silence untill we saw an ambulance up ahead crossing over the flyover with its lights flashing it turned onto the motorway and headed south towards the empty police car, at the same time a black car which we couldnt make out the model of, turned on an unsual set of deep blue lights and speed past us following the ambulance. We continued on our journey with one eye on the sky. Somebody else must of saw this flash in the sky, at least someone tell me it was lightning.


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