North of Bristol City, South Gloucester, England

December 19th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: north of bristol city south gloucester uk

Date: 19/12/05 0645-0720 local time

Approach Direction: from n. west

Departure Direction: no departure

Witness Direction: n from 2nd floor window

Description: a plane flew at height from east to west followed shortly by another similar light flying from n east toward s. east but made U turn in the centre of my vision followed by a couple of erratic loops around my line of vision. It then stopped for some time before setting of again at a constant speed as before but at one time fling in a straight line then at right angles in an instant in another straight line. after a couple more loops of various shapes it stopped again in the same place at around 0655 and remained there until 0720. It was not consistant with a helicopter due to the time it remained motionless. I concluded it wasnt going to move and got ready for work. I am 58 years old and have never seen anything like that before.

Color/Shape: the brilliance of a star with the moving speed of an aeroplane at height

Height & Speed: consistant speed and appeared similar to the plane just in front of it

TV/Radio/Press: no


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