Chigwell, Essex, England

December 28th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Chigwell, Essex

Date: 28.12.05 GMT abt 8.00 pm

Approach Direction: from the east

Departure Direction: north

Witness Direction: south and west

Description: My son had been working in the garage at the bottom of our garden. He went out to get something he needed and left the garage open to the alley and it was pitch black. After a few minutes I decided to go down the garden to make sure it was OK. I stepped out of my back door on to the deck and looked to my left and from over the old Claybury Hospital site came an orange ball. It is difficult to give an exact speed but my garden is 100 feet long and the garage is 20 feet long. I had three sets of steps to go down in the dark so I was not rushing. By the time I got to the alley the orange ball still had not reached level with the garage. Perhaps 10 mph? It was a Thursday night which is always a particularly busy night for planes going over. I heard no sound from the orange ball. It was not high - I was able to see it without lifting my head - and it kept to the same height. It was heading from Manor Road to Chigwell Road and it turned 90 degrees to the right. My husband joined me and watched with me. It continued over the Chigwell convent and then appeared to stop although it was, in fact, going up. We watched it until it disappeared. I spoke to my daughter about it and she lives in Rainham. She said she had seen in pass over her garden and that it had come from Kent. She said some reports had been made to the police.

This was not the first strange thing that I have seen recently although I am unable to put an exact date on my first experience. It was sometime late October. I always look at the sky before I go to bed and stepped out onto the deck. It was a beautiful clear night and I looked straight up.

I saw three sets of what looked like two torch lamps, each set was separated from the other by quite a distance and the whole thing was stationery. I could only see the lamps. When I came inside, whatever it was was still in the same place. When I spoke to my daughter about it the next day, she said that she had seen three orange balls in a vertical line when she was driving towards Buckhurst Hill from Chigwell.

I don't mind UFOs in Mexico but this is getting a bit close!!

I am sorry this is a bit vague but it was only after the second sighting that I decided to see if I could make a report and found you.

Color/Shape: Orange ball, small, difficult to estimate size but maybe a foot or eighteen inches in diameter - not big.
  It glowed orange - my husband described it like an afterburner on a jet aircraft as it went upwards.

Height & Speed: Came over houses on Manor Road. When it was going up, it looked as if it was going at an angle not quite 90 degrees. It kept going straight for as long as we could see it. The sky was very clear.

TV/Radio/Press: Not as far as I am aware


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