Kingsbury, London, England

Summer 2005

UFO Flotilla Over Kingsbury, London UK

Date: Summer 2005
Time: Approximately 2:00 p.m.

Hi Brian, I used to keep a meticulous diary of sightings, but over the last few years I found it irrelevant, thus the exact date & time is not available

I filmed these objects summer 2005 one afternoon at approximately 2:00 pm in Kingsbury, London, UK

As it was a sunny morning I felt there was a good chance of seeing something in the skies thus I decided to take my Sony NTSC Hi8 video camera with me to work. The sightings began in the morning and concluded some time in the afternoon. The 1st object a large white ball shaped object appeared while on was on the phone to my wife.

Then some time later several similar objects appeared which seemed to be in an organized formation.

As I headed back into the house I noticed more objects & they were in a definite formation. I feel I should investigate & try to figure out what the formation means or perhaps some one else has some theories on this.

Later in the afternoon I came outside back into the garden where I had seen the other objects, while taking to a colleague I noticed a few objects appearing, then as I scanned the sky more & more just seemed to appear from no where. The more I looked the more I saw, I ran back into the house grabbed the camera & started filming, by this time as I had used the camera for a quite sometime the battery was on its last legs. But I managed to film these objects which totaled in around 100. My colleague & I were dumbfounded; he had never seen anything before let alone such a ridiculous amount. It was definitely one of those jaw dropping moments. The battery finally died on me. We both continued looking up, they slowly moved from our left to right & upwards then slowly faded away one by one until finally they were no more. The whole event of the last sighting on this summer day lasted for approximately 8 minutes.

Unknowing to me weeks later the girlfriend of my colleague who lives in the house where I filmed these objects told me that the following few days after there was constant helicopter activity over the house.

UFO formation
UFO fleet

Thank you to the witness for the report and photos.

Photos are © 2005 KJ Kingsbury, London UK

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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