Withington, Manchester, England

December 31st 2005/January 1st 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: withington manchester england uk

Date: 31st dec 2005 11.59pm - 12.20am (1st jan 2006)

Approach Direction: w

Departure Direction: e

Witness Direction: e

Description: news years eve last night, with my girl freinds family, close to the deadline 12clock midnight, we went out side of there house we had a large rocket, i was finding a place to put the rocket as there house was surounded by tall trea's, ( i did not want anyone to get hurt ), as a looked up i say the trea and moved my position so the rocket ( firework )would not hit the trea, then as i looked up again i saw a massive orange ball, i souted out to the ther people who were with me, " look a geniune ufo, look look, " my girl freinds sister said "its a plane " . . i said "what on fire i have never seen a plane that big and that colour glowing in the sky" then my girl freind came out her dad her mum her brother and her other sister, and i said again "look a ufo look", the ufo was moveing consitantly we all looked at this object, then after moveing some distance in a straight line, the object went out (the light disapeard) then sudenly it went a bright wight coulor, then went out compleatly, but that was not it all, then again the same manouver, or another craft, a massive orange ball in the same place as the other, doing the same thing again, moved for a while then went out again.

now this seemed to be deliberate as if some inteligence waited till everyone was out side seting fireworks off , looking up at 12 midnight , ,

did we all dream the same dream when we were all awake ??? ,

this was one of the best sightings i have ever seen of a ufo, someone will have it on tape as the whole city will have been looking up at the sky at that time to see the fire works . and before you think its a fire work, its apox size was about 4 times the size as a 747 jumbo jet massive size and way way up in the sky about 4 miles up, amazing

Color/Shape: bright orange then whight, round then mis shapen when wight

Height & Speed: constant speed about 6000 miles a hour

TV/Radio/Press: no not yet


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