Edinburgh/Lothians, Scotland

January 7th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Edinburgh/Lothians

Date: Saturday 7th of january 2006. sightings started at 10:30pm and the last sighting I heard of was at 1am when I went to bed.

Approach Direction: Started over the midlothians of Scotland and moved consistently north.

Departure Direction: unknown

Witness Direction: various

Description: I never actually spotted anything myself but it was reported non-stop on the local radio station forth one. The lights were first seen around 10:30pm in the midlothians and moved consistently north flying over Scotlands capital city of Edinburgh. Both radio and police got a lot of phone calls about these lights that appeared to be a group of 25 bright orange dots flying in formation. I continued listening to the radio station until I went to bed at 1am Sunday morning and the last known sighting was at kinross. As they moved north they moved into some heavy cloud so sightings died down as the night went on. One of the lights was reported on the radio station as letting out a yellow beam across the sky. The radio station got in touch with police, Edinburgh airport and the RAF who all had no idea what they were but had recieved many calls from worried members of the public.

Color/Shape: 25 orange dots flying in formation.

Height & Speed: slowly moved themselves north but carried out very fast formation flying.

TV/Radio/Press: Sightings were reported on radio from 10:30pm onwards right until I went to bed at 1am. The radio station that reported them is Forth one which is an Edinburgh station. Further reports could follow in the media when the local paper gets printed on Monday.


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