Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England

April 16th 2006

Gold light Bridlington 16/4/06

At around 11.45 on sunday night I opened the back door and gave our dog a shout, It had been a long weekend with too many late nights [daughters engagement] and I was ready for some rest. I stood in the darkness for a while watching the dog and thinking about how the weekend had gone. I cannot explain why or how but I sensed some thing and looked up into the sky. It was very dark with low cloud cover. I could see an orange light and a dark oval shape of some kind within the cloud. It was hard to make it out. I could definitely see something but weather it was below cloud or above I could not tell. I went inside quickly and picked up a camera. An Olympus C70zoom. I took the first picture right away then walked down the garden a little and took another. The streak of bright light is what I got on the second picture.

The light was stationery in or behind the cloud. No noise could be heard and there was no wind. I have to say it was strange knowing that there was an object of some sort in the sky. It stayed in the same position as I took the second picture but the streak of light is all I managed to get in the second pic and the object had vanished. I hope the accompanying pictures shed a little light on what I saw.


Note: There are two more images with the report at the ILF-UFO website.

[UFOINFO thanks Paul Sinclair and www.ILF-UFO.co.uk for the report.]


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