East London, England

April 28th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: UK, East London.

Date: April 28th 2006 between 7 and 9pm.

Approach Direction: From the east

Departure Direction: to the west (headed towards London city airport).

Witness Direction: South.

Description: The evening was bright, clear with, thin clouds, vapour trails.

My children were playing in the garden. They called mum and dad to see what they thought was a balloon. As we watched, another appeared (spherical) and remained stationary. Soon, several others showed up (moving at slow speed), about seven, two of those were of a different design. They looked like a stack of spheres arranged in a pyramid shape.
They seemed to tumble (smoothly) around and some spheres were flying in formation.

I noticed that air traffic was quiet, which is unusual for here.

All of the craft then grouped up and stayed around for a while. Then I got bored watching them and went back inside.

The police (?) helicopter sometimes turns up before, during or after the event (witnessed an event last summer, about 3am, a low flying red object flew slowly over a row of houses to the rear of where I live. The helicopter pilot trained his searchlight onto the object, while hovering at an equal altitude).

I have images, the exif data will give a more precise time stamp.

Color/Shape: Refelective white/silver. Spheres and groups of spheres.

Height & Speed: An average approach height for Heathrow in this area.
  Speed estimate variable between 0 and x mph.


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