Glasgow, Scotland

May 5th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: glasgow, scotland

Date: 05/05/2006 GMT 9.40pm (approx)

Approach Direction: west to east of glasgow

Departure Direction: just disappeared

Witness Direction: south

Description: maybe not anything weird, probably not, but we don't know what it was so it's technically a UFO at least! five of us were having a barbeque in the back garden, it was a lovely clear night and there were loads of stars etc clearly visible. someone saw this bright light - definitely not a plane because the light was not flashing and it was far too big and bright to be a plane. in fact, a plane flew nearby (well, nearby from what we could see so probably was not close to this thing) and the plane lights were barely noticeable by comparison. it was one big light - unfortunately it was getting dark so this was all we could make out. it travelled at a steady pace across the sky in a constant direction - we were probably arguing about what it was for a good 5minutes - and then while we were watching it disappeared. the light got smaller so it seemed to be travelling directly away from us, as it didn't move. the light faded to nothing in a second, and it had completely changed direction to do so. we still can't work out what it was - it was too high to be a plane, and too bright, too low to be a satellite, definitely not a helicopter, and was not a star or comet as it seemed to be moving purposefully. in addition, the light was so bright it would have been the first thing you'd notice.

does anyone know of what this could have been? while i'd love to believe it's some extra terrestrial, it probably has an earthly explanation, but we can't work out what it could be!
any suggestions?


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