Maidstone, Kent, England

May 15th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Maidstone, Kent, England, UK

Date: 05/15/06 21:34 British Summer Time

Approach Direction: (from)West

Departure Direction: (to) East

Witness Direction: Facing West when first sighted, then East, being out of view when changing windows.

Description: [Note: I am an amateur astronomer and have a passing enthusiasm for all things natural, such as weather watching. I also am a bit of an aircraft buff. Consequently I believe I am a reliable observer with no risk of misinterpreting normal natural/man-made phenomena].......

On closing my curtains I saw 4 lights in loose order, (e.g. no formation), coming towards my house. They gave off a steady deep orange light and were all travelling in the same direction, with some 'fanning out' that I could not put down solely to the effects of perspective, (i.e. some variation in course). They were travelling at broadly the same speed with some variation between objects. I opened the window and can confirm there was no sound. I used my camera phone to take a short video. As they passed over my house I ran to my attic room, grabbing my binoculars which I keep there. By now they had passed over, I opened my attic window and tried alternately to view them with the binoculars as well as take further pictures. In the excitement, and in trying to watch them, as well as use my camera phone I only managed to take two pictures.

By now the 4 objects were fanned out quite a bit, (partly due to perspective, partly due to movement), the one that was trailing suddenly veered South East to 'join' the others and a few seconds later they faded from view, (possibly entered cloud?). Through the binoculars they appeared to be a central bright light surrounded by a translucent 'bubble'. I must stress I am used to viewing stars/planets through optical instruments and am fully aware of the effects of condensation on lenses, poor focus onto bright objects against a dark background and refraction illusions caused by contrast..and I'm sure none of these explain the image I saw. There was still no sound, no vapour/gas trail.

All in all the sighting lasted 45 to 60 seconds. I have no idea how big the objects were or how fast they were travelling.

The video taken basically shows dots of light. One of the stills, when zoomed in, shows two objects one of which appears to be an 'flattened mushroom cap' at an angle of 45 degrees to what would have been the Horizon, (assuming the camera phone was held as I normally do). Whether this is an effect of moving the camera phone during exposure I cannot say, (some other dots on the image are not elongated, so it seems like I was succesful in holding the camera steady).

There was quite a wind blowing, although the objects were travelling at a direction about c.30 degrees off the direction of the wind. There was 90% cloud cover out the front of the house, (I think it was less out the back, where the attic overlooks). There was some reflected streetlight on the clouds so I assume they were quite low. There was no rain.

The nearest thing I can think of that I have ever seen like these were aerial military/warning flares, (e.g. silent, steady light moving steadily in the air). However, the image through binoculars showed no 'burning/smoke', the movement was not in the direction of the wind, and does not account for the sudden change in direction of one object horizontally at 45', nor were the lights bright enough.

Color/Shape: 4 orange balls travelling silently across the sky.

Height & Speed: Unknown

TV/Radio/Press: No - One e-mail sent to a UK UFO e-mail address but no response received.


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