Between Kelvedon and Eight Ash Green, Essex, England

May 25th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Between Kelvedon and Eight Ash Green, Essex, UK

Date: 25/05/2006 2145 - 2200hrs BST (local time)

Approach Direction: Did not observe

Departure Direction: East/North East

Witness Direction: As above

Description: Large quantity, between 20 and 30 orange lights in the sky, initially 200 to 300 metres agl, slowly rising and dispersing.

Believe these may have been hot air filled paper ballons or chinese lanterns, released from a field adjacent to the A12 shortly before we observed them, which then rose into the air and blew away with the prevailing wind to the east/north east and dispersed. Some lights disappeared, possibly as a result of altitude gained, cloud cover or the candles illuminating them extinguishing. I believe this closely mathces the description reported on 15/05/2006 in Maidstone, Kent.

Color/Shape: Orange, circular lights

Height & Speed: 200 - 300 metres agl, speed was very slow

TV/Radio/Press: None known of, but at least four other vehicles stopped on the A12 to observe the lights, at least one with a camera phone or digital camera

[Note: This report is included for reference purposes - John @ UFOINFO.]


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