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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

June 2nd, 3rd, 24th & 30th 2006 : Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England

Location: Dunstable, U.K.

Date: 6/2/06 (9.20pm & 9:45pm), 6/3/06 (10.00pm), 6/24/06 (11.00pm), 6/30/06 (10.10pm)

Approach Direction: south and west

Departure Direction: various

Witness Direction: south and west

Description: looking up to the sky at with the roof of the house in view I saw what I first thought to be a star, but it was slowly moving forward. I kept still all the time keeping the line of the roof in view. Thinking it was a satellite for a moment, but not convinced as it was moving too slow. I continued to watch as it then stopped and moved to the left, I edged sideways keeping the line of the roof in view while the star like object also moved to the left. It stopped again when at the edge of the roof, about twelve foot further along. I then called my husband out, he too could see it. At this point it moved to the right and stopped again. Went in to get binoculars for a couple of seconds but could not see it when I came out. Still watching the sky at 9.45 a bright white/yellow object came from the west towards the house, no sound at all. As it reached the house it just disappeared.

Saturday 3rd June, sat in the garden with binoculars at The same white/yellow object came from the south towards me, then disappeared.

Saturday 24th June, at coming from the west the white/yellow object towards the house (east) watched as it passed over head, remained the same bright spherical shape as it went out of sight. Much larger than satellite.

Friday 30th June, at Same bright object from west to south, seemed lower, watched as it went under some cloud, no sound. As large as venus and as bright.