Kilburn Area, London, England

June 17th 2006

Kilburn Area London, UK. A White Dot Of Light Becomes Larger

Date: June 17, 2006

Time: Approx: 11:50 p.m.

Hi, my name is (removed) and I am living in Kilburn area in London, UK. I am writing you because after read Mt. Pleasant information about unknown lights I found some similarities with my sight. It was 10 or 5 minutes to midnight on Saturday June 17, 2006 so the same date and similar time. I know USA are few hours behind UK and I though if the light I saw was the same it traveled 4-5 hours across ocean to hit there.

I was in bed looking from my open window the clean sky and no stars. Suddenly this white dot started to appear from the South and progress in size as it was getting closer to my view. It had a round perfect shape, white light not so bright and reminded me a full moon when seeing on the afternoon light. Pale white. While moving in direction to North, there was no noise, tail and was fast. Probably the whole vision of this light took 1 minute or 2, until disappeared in the distance.

I never saw anything like that. I decided to contact you because here in U.K. no one is giving me any answer. I know I didn't see an airplane. Your report somehow called me the attention for details like date, time, and some description of the same light. Maybe we saw the same light, what do you think?

Thank you to the witness for the report.


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