Over Buckingham Palace(?), London, England

June 17th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: on a BBC programme celebrating the Queens birthday during the fly past of aircraft over Buckingham Palace June 06 the time was 1300hrs

Date: as above

Approach Direction: static in the sky high above the aircraft a silver object

Departure Direction: n/a

Witness Direction: bbc camera observing fly past

Description: while watching the outside broadcast of the Queens birthday celebrations i could see quite clearly on my tv in the sky above the aircraft an object a silver or greyish colour it was there on a few different shots of the planes i asked the BBC about it by email but received no response i was suprised no one else picked up on it as it was quite clear and only in the shots of the planes and with a blue sky background hope this may be useful info and that you could possibly get a recording of the broadcast to verify

Color/Shape: silver/greyish indistinct shape

Height & Speed: appeared to be static as the aircraft passed

TV/Radio/Press: to BBC by myself by email as request for any info but got no resonse to this and was informed of this on screen before sending email that not all would be answered


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