Whitefield, Manchester, England

June 18th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Whitefield Manchester

Date: 12.10 am 18th june 2006

Approach Direction: came from over the top of our house and went towards todmorden way

Departure Direction: went towards todmorden way

Witness Direction: north

Description: my son was walking his girlfriend home came running in to show us this big round ball shape in the sky moving very slowly look like it was a big fire ball watched it till it went towards todmorden way then just gonna go in the house and the second came over the top of our roof it was huge the same as the first look like a big round fire ball but movin very slowly and went in same direction as the first tried to ring friends and couldnt ring out on the housephone

Color/Shape: large round ball looked like it was on fire bright orange and red in the middle

Height & Speed: not sure

TV/Radio/Press: no


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