Glastonbury, Somerset, England

June 24th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Glastonbury, somerset, UK

Date: Saturday-Sunday 24/06/06 11.30 - 14.30

Approach Direction: West

Departure Direction: South

Witness Direction: South

Description: First one we saw, approaching from west, into our sight facing south, hovered for 30 seconds then slowly disappeared. then we saw a further 7 at different time intervals following the same flight path. break of about 20mins then we saw a further six paired up. they formed a triangle. one disappeared straight away, the others one by one disappeared after. they were all bright orange with a red glow behind, they travelled smoothly and quickly! There were also Two smaller moving objects weaving in and out that were white. after 30mins one more came same flight path but alot lower, then hovered for 5mins before disappearing

Color/Shape: Bright orange glow, not flashing, cigar shaped. smaller ones just like a white dot.

Height & Speed: in our sighting, they moved from right to straight ahead of us in less 30 seconds. the satellite that can be seen every night was slightly higher than their flight path

TV/Radio/Press: No Report on T.V, Radio or papers


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