Southampton, Hampshire, England

June 24th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Southampton, Hampshire, UK

Date: 06/24/06 between 1600-1900hrs GMT

Approach Direction: From easterly direction

Departure Direction: east

Witness Direction: east

Description: From great spot on high balcony saw initially 6 round objects falling. When on horizon level up to 10 objects counted. These then moved with varying degrees of clarity along the horizon. some moved closer to each other, and were in groups of two and three. One moved from main group and appeared by airplane trail then moved, at speed back to the main lights. lost track of them at 1800hr but appeared further south until 1900hrs.

Color/Shape: To naked eye looked like various sized golden globes. Through binoculars they looked mushroom/jellyfish shaped.

Height & Speed: Above horizon, fairly slow moving to dif positions in sky.

TV/Radio/Press: No details in press, TV or web.


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