Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England

June 24th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Date: Saturday 24/06/2006 at 7pm GMT.
  Very clear sky with near perfect visibility.

Approach Direction: Seen in situ not seen approaching

Departure Direction: Just disappeared, however one light later seen on digital video to travel quickly & smoothly upwards.

Witness Direction: Roughly East

Description: Three (3) bright lights similar in appearance to stars. When first seen they were quite close forming a rough triangular shape.Seen to slowly move apart whilst still glowing. One disappeared from view but this may have been due to the jet trail obsuring it from our view.

Color/Shape: Bright white light appeared to be roundish. Moved very slowly when seen by the naked eye. One seen moving on the video footage was smooth and rapid.

Height & Speed: Very difficult to estimate but they appeared to be similar to the height of the fading jet trails. We are 6 miles from Luton airport and have a lot of planes flying at varying heights, however, these lights did not resemble anything we have ever seen before. We did manage to take some digtal video footage which is surprisingly clear and shows two lights together in one frame and then later shows another shooting off.I would imagine a professional could analyse these pictures on better equipment as they are intriguing!

TV/Radio/Press: A message has been sent to the 'Sky at Night' BBC programme & Luton airport Press office. Both await a reply. We will also be contacting the Mill Hill Observatory next week to see if there is any natural explanation.


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