Parkwood, Maidstone, Kent, England

July 2nd 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Willington Street, Parkwood, Maidstone, Kent, England

Date: Sunday 2nd July 2:32 a.m local time

Approach Direction: East and South

Departure Direction: West and North

Witness Direction: Had woken up in bed and looked through loft window

Description: i had just woken up and a small bright star or ufo was moving across the sky in a wobbly line. It came from the east and then went to the west at very high speeds.
I was still awake 10mins. later when another bright star which i had been watching for a long time started to move as well it went from south to the north. Once again at high speeds. Maybe these were alien ships disguised as a star.

Color/Shape: Bright light circle

Height & Speed: 50 mph cannot determine height


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