Laindon, Basildon, Essex, England

July 11th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Laindon Basildon Essex England

Date: 07/11/06 10.40 pm gmt

Approach Direction: stationary

Departure Direction: do not know

Witness Direction: do not know

Description: i was closing my bedroom window when i saw (what i thought was a star). it was much brighter than the others, which is why i looked at it. also it was slightly larger, i was looking at it for about 2/3 mins it was pulsating not twinkling like a star .one of the rays (for want of a better word)at the bottom was red .very slowly it started to move. at first i thought i was imagining it, but it was definitly moving. first it moved in a straight line, then it started to zig-zag so it was not a plane.the light faded then grew bright 3/4 times, then it disappeared. i was a bit scared ,so i closed the window, and looked to the left, and it appeared again. in 2 seconds it had gone somewhere else.it did the same thing and disappeared. that was enough for me,ipulled the blind down.

Color/Shape: like a star but brighter and bigger with a red ray at the bottom

Height & Speed: it was slow

TV/Radio/Press: no


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