Brackley, Northants, England

July 14th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Brackley, Northants, UK

Date: 07/14/06 time 21:48

Approach Direction: from the east

Departure Direction: falling downwards to the west

Witness Direction: south-west

Description: Sitting in the lounge my mother and I both suddenly noticed a very white bright light (like looking at a light bulb) to our right. The light was approx the size of an orange and was falling rapidly whilst travelling towards the west. I ran upstairs to look out of the window but it had gone. The sun had gone down although it was still very light and the sky had a slight pinky colour to it.

Color/Shape: Bright white light looking spherical and the size of an orange. Unable to guage distance away and therefore unable to assess size.

Height & Speed: As high as a helicopters flight path- no higher. Travelling quite fast, not as fast as an RAF jet but probably as fast as a helicopter.

TV/Radio/Press: not reported


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