Warley, West Midlands, England

July 14th & 16th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: warley, west midlands, england

Date: july 14th 2006 @ 12.45 pm and july 16th @ 5.30 pm

Approach Direction: first sighting appeared from the east and the second sighting appeared from the west

Departure Direction: first sighting departed towards the south and the second sighting departed towards the east

Witness Direction: same directions as sightings

Description: a silver oval shaped object which just appeared and slowly headed off and appeared to stop for at least a minute or so before heading off again. an aeroplane passed beneath the object and the conditions in the sky were crystal clear. the second sighting was the same discription as the first.

Color/Shape: silver oval shaped

Height & Speed: estimated between 10-20 thousand feet high and no more than 40-50 miles an hour estimated.


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