Carlton, Nottingham, England

July 16th 2006?

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Carlton Nottingham

Date: 5.50 pm

Approach Direction: First travelling North for 10 mins then west to East 20 mins

Departure Direction: East

Witness Direction: At first Directly over head

Description: Thin cigar shape was black and when the sun caught it, it reflected metallic. It seemed to turn on its self at angles, it disappeared then reappeared 30 seconds later for about 10- 15 seconds, and then disappeared again this went on for the whole time we viewed it. I got the binoculars to get a better view and could make out a slight rotary end and dark areas in the metal.

During the time it moved quite slow until it finally disappeared for good.

It was very high, at one point a jet passed over heading toward Manchester and this object seemed much higher, there were some cirrus clouds and it was higher than these. It would be hard so give an exact size but twice as long as the jet that passed. It definitely didnt have any wings.

Color/Shape: Mainly silver and thin

Height & Speed: Above the jets
  Moving slow almost stationery at times

TV/Radio/Press: I have emailed BBC radio Nottingham


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