Goodwood, Chichester, West Sussex, England

July 18th, 21st & 23rd 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Dear sir, I am most pleased to report three ufo sightings in the last week totalling 5 ufos.

On Tuesday the 18th of July 2006 over Goodwood in Chichester, West Sussex, England at around 9pm a 999 call was made at Chichester police station. A member of the public called from Lavant reporting someone firing flares over Goodwood. Three of us arrived at the top of chalkpit lane where the police and fire brigade were tending to a scene of "someone setting one of the fields alight". We waited on the hill and saw vehicles moving around the fields with huge floodlights for about an hour until they all left. After further investigation we discovered no evidence of any "fire".

At about 10.30 the three of us were sitting in a car park overlooking Goodwood racecourse when a large triangular object appeared high in the sky to the west ( looking south ), with a long rainbow coloured trail behind it. A green triangular craft then emerged from the front of the ship and came down over Goodwood and disappeared into thin air over or behind the racecourse. At this point the first craft had already disappeared. The sky was perfectly clear.

On Friday the 21st of July 2006 I was awoken at 2am with strange tickling sensations on my head. I got up, looked out of the window to see the sky completely clouded over. Lightening was coming from the south but in consistant flashes and not moving with the clouds. There was another lightning flash cnsistantly in the north but very small, shining down through the clouds and again not moving with the clouds. After watching this for a while I noticed a small orange light coming out of the flashing clouds in the south. The object looked triangular and glowed bright orange. It moved below the clouds at a rapid speed over to the north and went up into the clouds where the other flashes were coming from. In less than two minutes it happened again in exactly the same way!!!!

On Sunday the 23rd of July I looked out of my living room and saw two bright orange craft flying over Chichester at rapid speeds and disappearing into the distance. Too fast for commercial planes and to silent for military jets. The sky was perfectly clear.


[UFOINFO Note: The above reports were also reported to HBCC UFO Research]


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