Littlehampton, West Sussex, England

July 22nd 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Littlehampton, West Sussex, England

Date: Saturday 07/22/06 21:58 GMT

Approach Direction: From the South East

Departure Direction: East

Witness Direction: East

Description: At Approx 21:58 on the 07/22/06, I along with 5 other adults and 2 children, Observed a Bright white light appear above the roof line of a house. It was traveling at the speed you would expect a light aircraft to travel. It was joined by another travelling at the same speed a short distance behind. Then another appeared at the same speed and joined the other two ( all 3 now travelling at equal speed and equally spaced distance apart) The first one slowed and stopped, the second passed slightly below the first and stopped slightly to the left (as viewed) of the first. The third one then slowed and stopped slightly to the right and below the first. all three appeared motionless for a few seconds, then a forth one appeared at incredible speed (similar to the speed of a low flying military jet).

This light then stopped dead from high speed to complete stop with no deceleration. it stopped below the first and in between the second and third. all 4 bright lights, just hung motionless for about 30 seconds, before the 2nd & 3rd moving inwards and the 4th upwards to form a row of 4 rights (vertical) after a few seconds they all moved / blended into one bright white light. this then moved slowly away due east gaining altitude as it went it grew dim and disappeared, the whole incident took 6 minute 21:58 to 22:04 GMT. No noise was heard from the sky. Soon after a high altitude passenger jet passed and could be faintly heard. This aircraft was at an altitude(appeared to be) of at least 5 times of that of the lights.

3 of the adult witnesses are Government employees, who have never seen anything like this. 2 of the witness ex military and state this is not conventional aircraft, or anything similar.

Color/Shape: 4 bright white lights

Height & Speed: 5000 feet, speed of the first 3 similar to that of a light aircraft at cruising speed 150 mph? 4th light at a great speed, similar to a very low altitude military jet at 500mph, coming to a complete stop i.e 500mph to 0 mph in a second. departed at the speed of approach of the first 3 lights.

TV/Radio/Press: not reported


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