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UFO Sighting Report - England

Please note that the reports in this section have been submitted to UFOINFO/UFO ROUNDUP and accepted in good faith. No investigation has been carried out by UFOINFO.

With the increasing use of digital cameras we are seeing more photos showing alleged 'UFOs' - many of these could be insects, cloud shapes etc. As many readers have asked to see the photos I will be using some of them and leaving it up to the individual to make up their own mind - John @ UFOINFO.

July 30th 2006 : Dudley, West Midlands, England

Location: Dudley,Centre.west Mids

Date: 7 20 AM ........30 7 06

Approach Direction: East

Description: At 7 20 am I was going to take a photo of some clouds as I'm a weatherman ham, When I noticed a silver tube like object. I thought it was a seagull at first but it didn't move, this object was over the Wyco factorys to east of me, at around 1000 ft. I then beguin to feel shaky, as I could not i.d. it. I was about to shoot a picture it then went out of sight like a blink, it lasted about 18 seconds, then gone. It's not my first one in my family my dad has seen 16 in 36 years, I was sceptical but belived in him and my mum too. First one my dad as saw 30 sic. 31 oct 71 3 pm. Hagley, it went like a light bulb but left a vaportrail to west going up. And 9 triangle lights seen in just a month apart April/May 1988. My mum saw these too it was clear skys and my dog barked at them, this was to the west, Grange Park.

My sister saw one in 1998 Nov 11th 9 pm over our houses it was drizzle at the time, that's it from myself and family. Hope someone has seen these too. yours terry

Color/Shape: Silver movin slowly but still.

Height & Speed: 1000 ft

TV/Radio/Press: No Idea, None Don't Read Newspapers Or Radio Now.